The KDP is targeted at 3 types of Kirtani :

Kirtani A: For those who have never learnt Kirtan/Simran but wish to

Kirtani B: For those who have very little opportunity to perform Kirtan

Kirtani C: For those who already perform Kirtan and wish to develop further


KDP Objectives:

• For Kirtani A: Learn a Shabad (i.e. from other Kirtanis or Kirtan Classes at your local Gurudwara etc) and request to perform it at a KDP Jam

• For Kirtani B: Practise a Shabad which you haven’t had the opportunity to perform publicly and request to perform it at a KDP Jam

• For Kirtani C: Learn and perform a new Shabad which you have not performed in public before


EVENT OCCURRENCE: Bimonthly (every 2 months) – This gives each Kirtani adequate time to learn and practise a new Shabad.


Rules of KDP:

1. DEVELOPMENT: The Shabad which has been selected to perform must be a Shabad which has not been performed before by the Kirtani

2. DISCIPLINE: Each Kirtani is given a 15 minute time slot to perform a single Shabad to allow enough time for other Kirtani slots

3. SUPPORT: The KDP Kirtani should attend at least one KDP Jam as Sangat to support other KDP Kirtanis

4. COMMUNITY: If you want a Kirtan slot, preference is first allocated to regular KDP attendees who wish to perform.

5. COMMITMENT: If you pull out last minute, It will affect the preference of your Kirtan slot at future KDP Jams


PLEASE NOTE:This is not a session where you will be learning a Shabad/Simran, this is an opportunity for performance of a new Shabad learnt. It is up to you to take initiative and learn (whether it's from someone you know or at your local Gurudwara) and you will be given the opportunity to perform at our KDP Jams. 


The learning aspect of this project is to:

Perform at the KDP Jams (Vocal, Tabla, Violin etc), reflect on your performance and see how you can better yourself at the next opportunity

Listen to other Kirtanis and see what valuable aspect of their performance you can learn from, take back with you internally, and adopt when you perform next time

Provide ‘Ektaa’ (oneness) – Through listening and supporting with love and not with prejudice

If you wish to participate (Kirtan, Simran or Instrument Accompaniment) please email and we will be happy to help – But please ensure that you have read our terms of agreement above first!

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About Us

The KDP allows for the free flow of expression though the Divine gift of Kirtan. Come to our KDP events and sing your souls song with the beloved Sangat. Download Kirtan and feed your soul. This website allows you to access Kirtan recordings of previous KDP events and receive up to date... Learn more...


"I don't really know where to begin. Like the girl who went to Gurmat Camp, I haven't felt Sangat like that since my childhood at Hounslow Gurdwara with Giani Amolak Singh Ji and Gurmeet Mama Ji at Amrit vela. Too emotional, and extremely grateful. From the host, who read Rehraas Saahib, all I could feel was immense love, something so rare..."


As we all love the KDP events and more importantly love to listen to them online, we need your help in the form of donations. Any form of support is welcome. Our Gurus inform us that we must support those who are less fortunate than ourselves through performing ‘Seva’ and ‘Dasvandh’... Learn more...