Background History

KDP first started in December 2008 by Amritpal Singh...

Son of globally renowned Kirtani, Bhai Gurdiyal Singh Ji Rasiya, Amritpal, (also affectionately known as ‘Tony’), has been accompanying his father on Tabla (which he has now trained in classically as a professional) since the age of 10. During these formative years, Amritpal developed a passion for Kirtan and music through Tabla. This instigated his love for Sikhi from different perspectives and provided a deeper understanding of what music and Gurbani can give emotionally as well as intellectually.

In recent years, Amritpal has been involved in many Sikh youth projects and events. He soon came to notice that many young Kirtanis were either not given an opportunity to do Kirtan at programmes for various reasons, or they were singing the same Shabad which they had learnt with little or no intention of learning to developing themselves.

This subsequently inspired the vision and led him to create a new type of Kirtan Darbaar (known informally as Kirtan Jams) – a Kirtan Jam where the only rules are that the Kirtanis sing a single shabad which has never been performed by them in a duration of 15 minutes. The KDP is the only Kirtan event which has such diverse styles of Kirtan and instruments used in a single Kirtan Jam. There is zero discrimination; KDP is focused on Kirtan irrespective of looks, gender, background, Kirtan style and skill, all KDP is interested in is Gurbani Kirtan to feed the soul.

Our Vision

We have come a long way from where we started off. Filling a gap which was left unfilled in the hearts of so many unexpressed members of Sangat (congregation) hungry for more Kirtan (Devotional singing) and the positive vibrant energy generated by what is now YOUR KDP.

Now we look to the future…

Our KDP family is every growing. Every KDP Jam leads to more hunger and addiction to the positive vibe which is generated in the presence of so many amazing souls singing beautiful Bani (Holy text) from Maharaj (Higher Universal Conciousness).

Our vision for theKDP extends to improving KDP through a new and improved website that you are now enjoying, increasing the quality and speed at which Kirtan reaches you in only a few clicks of a mouse. We intend to upload the moments of spiritual bliss captured on digital film, so that you might be further reminded and inspired by those moments. This will allow members of our virtual KDP family to enjoy the experience of each Kirtan Jam no matter where in the world they might be.

theKDP have previously organised a successful residential retreat. A weekend where you are given the opportunity to tune in and learn as much as you like about Kirtan and the power of vibrational medicine through sound. Enjoy expressing yourself at theKDP Retreat Kirtan Jams, simran, workshops and lectures. theKDP would also like to offer workshops outside of residential retreats.

Finally, please accept our heart felt gratitude for your support of fulfilling theKDP vision thus far. We would not be here without you.

The Team

Meet the newly and freshly formed KDP Team to help achieve the vision above and give the best they can to help improve your KDP experience.

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About Us

The KDP allows for the free flow of expression though the Divine gift of Kirtan. Come to our KDP events and sing your souls song with the beloved Sangat. Download Kirtan and feed your soul. This website allows you to access Kirtan recordings of previous KDP events and receive up to date... Learn more...


"I don't really know where to begin. Like the girl who went to Gurmat Camp, I haven't felt Sangat like that since my childhood at Hounslow Gurdwara with Giani Amolak Singh Ji and Gurmeet Mama Ji at Amrit vela. Too emotional, and extremely grateful. From the host, who read Rehraas Saahib, all I could feel was immense love, something so rare..."


As we all love the KDP events and more importantly love to listen to them online, we need your help in the form of donations. Any form of support is welcome. Our Gurus inform us that we must support those who are less fortunate than ourselves through performing ‘Seva’ and ‘Dasvandh’... Learn more...