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Welcome to the all new KDP website. We hope you like the redesign and find it easy to navigate around. Everything has been successfully uploaded including Audio, Photos and Events for you to enjoy. So take a look around and dive in to relive those great divine moments created at all KDP Events.


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theKDP Jam 28

The KDP Jam 28 | June 2015

Date: Saturday 27th June 2015


17:30pm – 18:00pm | Sri Rehras Sahib Ji De Paath!

18:00pm – 22:30pm | KDP Kirtan Jam

Address: Guru Amardas Hall, Adelaide Road, Southall, Middlesex UB2 5PX

For Details Contact: info@thekdp.com

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The KDP allows for the free flow of expression though the Divine gift of Kirtan. Come to our KDP events and sing your souls song with the beloved Sangat. Download Kirtan and feed your soul. This website allows you to access Kirtan recordings of previous KDP events and receive up to date... Learn more...


"I don't really know where to begin. Like the girl who went to Gurmat Camp, I haven't felt Sangat like that since my childhood at Hounslow Gurdwara with Giani Amolak Singh Ji and Gurmeet Mama Ji at Amrit vela. Too emotional, and extremely grateful. From the host, who read Rehraas Saahib, all I could feel was immense love, something so rare..."


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